The Heritage Girl interviews… PCSO Daryl Holter

PCSO Daryl Holter is a Heritage Crime Advisor at Sussex Police. Here, I interview him about heritage crime, his favourite heritage site in Sussex, and more.

What is “Heritage Crime”?

Heritage crime is any offence which harms the value of England’s heritage assets and their settings to this and future generations. When our heritage falls victim to abuse it is all our moral responsibility to protect our past. It is our future generations that should have opportunity to rediscover, experience and interpret the old and the new.

Can you tell me a bit about your role as Heritage Crime Advisor?

I look after heritage crime for Sussex Police as a volunteer besides my normal day to day policing. I monitor all heritage crime that is reported to Sussex Police, recognition, recording and resourcing of these crimes is essential. I offer expert advice to those investigating officers and partners across the county. I work very closely with experts and professionals, I also look at engagement, education and profile raising. I look after a dedicated twitter account which updates the public to all of our work in this area. I will also give talks on this subject and will often work with others around education.

Why did you choose Heritage Crime as your specialist area?

I have a passion for all of our shared heritage, I am very lucky to be able to forward this in policing. My work reaches out to many sectors including archaeology, art, architecture, museums, libraries, local interest groups and many more.

What is the best part of your role as Heritage Crime Advisor?

Being out on the ground, visiting sites, working with people that work in the heritage sector and talking with the public, creating new links not only for myself but for others too. Working together is so important, having the opportunity to be able to talk about this subject is fantastic, and I am very passionate about our history.

 Do you have a favourite heritage site in Sussex, and why did you pick this one?

A very good question…! To be honest I have many, if I had to give you one though it would be Pevensey Castle, I am in awe of its walls every time I go past. I’m amazed at its continued use, so much history in one place…. Also a very peaceful and quiet spot, fantastic!

Is there a particular period of history that really interests you?

That’s a really good question … I have found myself having to learn so much, when a report comes in it could be dating from the cretaceous period, 135 million years ago to something from today. People often ask “What is History?” Well history could be a new building that is listed upon its completion, it could be any period of time. To many I have met it brings belief, understanding, feeling, depth, culture and emotion. A sense of community, ownership, tradition and belonging. It is tangible, it has mystery, it is constant and priceless. To answer your question though I have found an interest in nearly all periods, it’s difficult for me to pick a favourite!

 Where can we hear you speak next?

Shoreham Fort, 26 August 2018



One thought on “The Heritage Girl interviews… PCSO Daryl Holter

  1. Thanks Naomi. It is no surprise that Daryl loves his heritage work and there is no better ambassador for it. The tide of vandalism and illegal misappropriation erodes the gift of the future we can give to our children – so well done Daryl – let’s all help him to keep the face of history shining.


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