Saving Stonehenge

If you’ve been following the news recently, you may have seen details of the government’s plan to alter the route of the A303, the road that passes nearest to Stonehenge. Instead of moving the road away from the iconic World Heritage Site, the decision has been made to move the road underneath Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

Yes, you read that right, underneath the World Heritage Site. The fascinating map below shows the scale of the full World Heritage Site – and the dotted line indicates the location of the proposed tunnel. The government plans to drill the tunnel through the bedrock, moving the traffic from above to below ground.

Archaeologists, heritage professionals, members of the public and even the Druid King Arthur Uther Pendragon have raised objections to the plans. The historian and author Tom Holland wrote a particularly eloquent piece objecting to the tunnel plans on the Telegraph, which Stonehenge Alliance have made available on their website, here.

With expert examiners recommending a refusal of the plans, the campaign to protect the World Heritage Site is far from over. There is a six week window to mount a challenge to the proposals, and your support counts. Head over to the Stonehenge Alliance website here to read more about the proposed tunnel plans. You can also sign their petition and show your support by joining their mailing list.

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