How can I find out more about heritage sites in my area?

The Art Fund website has a fantastic list of museums and art galleries throughout the UK here. The list links through to individual websites for each institution, where you can find out more about the collections they hold. English Heritage and the National Trust also have sites throughout the UK. If you’re in Scotland, or visiting Scotland, head over to Historic Environment Scotland or the National Trust of Scotland. CADW also has information on heritage sites in Wales here (also available in Welsh).

If you’d like to find out more about the history of a particular site, head to your local County Records Office or County Archive, archaeological society, or library. The British Library and National Archives are also invaluable resources for those wanting to find out more about history and heritage.

Feel free to ask staff at heritage sites questions – they are quite often able to recommend books, other heritage sites to visit, and reel off facts as well.

How can I get involved in heritage?

From volunteering to free online courses, there are many ways you can get involved in heritage and the heritage sector. Naomi wrote a short post giving a few quick pointers here, but if you would like some ideas more specific to your circumstances, please get in touch.

What should I do if I discover a historic object?

Make sure you keep details of where and when you found the object, and get in touch with your local Finds Liaison Officer (FLO). Each county in the UK has an FLO, you can find their details on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) here. The PAS website also has some fantastic information on ‘good practice’ with finds.

What happens if I discover a heritage crime?

Historic England defines heritage crime as ‘any offence which harms the value of heritage assets and their settings’, with more information on their website. There are also details of how to report heritage crime here.

I’ve found a really interesting heritage-related story, or have something heritage-related I’d like to share with you. Can I get in touch?

Yes! Of course! Please use the contact form at the top of the page or drop me a direct message via Twitter or Facebook. If you’re interested in finding more about Naomi, or want to chat about one of her blog posts further, please do get in touch!

Are you available for talks or heritage/museum consultancy work?

Yes. Naomi is available to give private, heritage themed walking tours of historic towns across Sussex and Kent. She can also give small group tours of museums and heritage sites. Naomi also takes bookings for talks to schools, colleges and community groups. Please get in touch using the contact form and Naomi will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.